Gift Giving Made Easy – Helping You Find Gifts For Yourself & Your Loved Ones

Here you will find a plentiful array of revies for popular baby products like strollers, swings, toys, bikes, and more. You’ll also find reviews for the products parents find most use full too. Baby monitors, bottles, diaper pails, they all have there day on this site.

Unlike some other review sites GiftWorm is not meant to be a straigth up sales site. This site is run by one guy, me, Brian. I only have so much time in the day. I review the products I actually buy for my family. I research things we need and discuss the things we buy and those we choose to pass on.

I will review those items that we don’t find value in buying and will offer simple solutions to those items such as alternative products or no products at all.

I am a big proponent of getting things done around the home. GiftWorm is predominatly a review site but it is also designed to help guide you as a parent through the pitfalls of running a home with a small child at your heels.

I have more trouble than most do with sleep at night and productivity during the day. I know what it’s like to have a demanding toddler at your heels. The parent hacks section of this site will be the main blog and will feature many of the hacks, tips, and secrets I come across for dealing with kids and life at home a bit easier.

For starters see below for some of my most recent product reviews, blog posts, and parenting guides.


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