Gift Worm is dedicated to making your life as a parent easier. We review popular products that just make sense for parents of small children.

In addition to our product reviews we offer up some of the best tutorials on the web and presnt some of the most helpful hacks for parenting and keeping house.

Gift Worm is a simple website owned and managed by me, Brian. I am a father of one child who is married to the greatest woman on the planet. I don’t review many different products but I don’t endorse those that I don’t believe in. Most of the products you’ll see on this site I’ve purchased and used in my own home.

As for the tips and guides they are all things that I have direct experience with. I’ve either uysed them myself or know people close to me who have.

This site may also feature guest contributors from time to time. The opinions of guests are not nessesarily in line with my own opinions but I don’t publish just anything from anyone. I hope that every post that hits your screen coming from GiftWorm is worthy of your time.

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