Best Insulated Coffee Mugs: Stainless Steel, Ceramic, Plastic, Glass

Unless you’re shooting for iced coffee no one wants cold coffee. Regular coffee cups don’t keep your coffee hot for very long at all and many travel mugs are just too large and cumbersome.

If you are looking for a really great insulated coffee mug then see below for links to the types of mugs that are best for you. I’ve featured mugs that are made of all the various materials, in most cases in every size possible.

And trust me from an avid coffee drinker to another, once you start using an insulated coffee cup you’re never going to want to use a regular mug again. They’re awesome!

The Best Insulated Coffee Mug Of Them All

I’ve tried lots of insulated coffee mugs but my absolute favorite is the Trudeau Umbria. It’s not going to keep your coffee hot for much longer than a few hours but it’s going to be much better than a regular ceramic coffee cup.

The Umbria has a stainless steel interior all the way up to the drinking lip and it has a wide base so that it’s less likely that it will tip over. It’s also one of the least expensive mugs on the market meaning I love it for what it is.

Of course there are other options too so make sure to see the following pages that cover different types of insulated coffee mugs. There are after all lots of styles to choose from

Travel Mug That Fits Under Keurig Machines – Most Keurig machines have mug openings that are 6 1/2 inches tall. The mugs here are soem of the best options that are 6 1/2 inches tall or shorter. For Keurig Mini owners see the page linked below.

Travel Mugs For Keurig Mini – These are super short travel mugs that fit under the Keurig Mini. For the most part these are harder to find smaller versions of more popular mugs made by some of the leading brands.

Mr. And Mrs. Coffee Mug Sets – These aren’t exactly insulated but they are pretty cool and make excellent gifts for newlyweds.

Clear Glass Coffee Mugs For The Home – Looking to stock a kitchen in style? These clear glass coffee mugs are a nice stylish twist on a kitchen staple. They look great, perform well, and are perfect for your morning cup of Joe.

Espresso Shot Glasses – These shot glasses are perfect for espresso. If you’ve ever had espresso from a coffee cup then you know how quickly it cools off. Unless you truly want to shoot it in one swig I like drinking from insulated cups. There are some of those on this page along with regular old espresso shot glasses.

Disposable Coffee Cups With Lids – Sometimes a big travel mug is too difficult to carry around with you. Traveling by anything but car can sometimes be difficult to do with a big tumbler that you have to hold in hand all the time. Here are a few good disposable coffee cups with lids and sleeves that may make travel a bit easier for you.