Beautiful Espresso Shot Glasses

If you’ve ever sipped on straight espresso then you know how quickly 1.5 to 3 ounces of espresso can get cold in a big coffee cup. I’ve been drinking a lot of stovetop espresso over the past year and even this slightly large volume of espresso (moka) gets cold pretty quickly in my large mugs.

Because of this reason I’ve started shopping around for some really cool (and functional) espresso shot glasses and mugs sized just right for small portion sizes. Some of the shot glasses I’ve featured below are double wall insulated while others are more traditional in styling. I particularly like the shot glass with the tiny handle on it just like it was a minature coffee cup.

In any event there are some cool espresso mugs out there but i do like the shot glass style espresso cups. They’re are simple, take up little space, and they are pretty cool looking too. Not to mention they are perfect for basic espresso.

 Bormioli Rocco Caffeino Espresso Shot Glasses, Clear, Set of 6 Espresso Supply 2-Ounce Shot Glass Rattleware 3-Ounce RW Logo Shot Pitcher, Glass Bormioli Rocco Verdi Espresso Cup With Stainless Steel Handle, Set of 4, Gift Boxed Bodum Canteen Double Wall Espresso/Shot Glass, Set of 2

If you are ever tempted to add water to your espresso and make a full fledged Americano then make sure to see our page dedicated to insulated coffee cups. They are much better than ordinary coffee cups in my opinion.