Mr And Mrs Coffee Mugs

One of the coolest wedding gifts my wife and I ever recied was a small Mr. and Mrs. coffee mug set. It wasn’t on our wedding registry and we didn’t need new coffee mugs but we loved these instantly and still use them to this day.

If you are buying a gift for your spouse, a bride and groom, or old married friends or family it’s hard to go wrong with a cool set of husband and wife coffee mugs. They’re simple gifts that are well liked.

I was checking out our mug set earlier this week and started wondering what other similar ug sets there were so I started doing a little window shopping. Here are some of the Mr & Mrs coffee cups I found that I liked particularly. I thought someone out there might find this post helpful and/or interesting.

 Mr. and Mrs. Christian Coffee Mug Set Mr and Mrs Always Right Coffee Cup Set Set of Marriage Coffee Mugs Lips Rhinestone Mr Mrs Mustache Wedding Bridal Gift Set of Mr. and Mrs. Coffee Mug Set

And if you’re not exactly sold on any particular gift then let me suggest you check out this post on insulated coffee mugs. These kinds of mugs make excellent gifts for just about anyone on any occasion.