The Top Rated Coffee Grinders of 2014

If you care at all about having good coffee then you know how important a good coffee grinder can be. Coffee grinders on the high end provide extremely consistent grind size in a short amount of time with little noise and hardly any cleanup.

On the low end noisy blade grinders shred coffee beans leaving wide varieties in grind shape and size. Blade grinders also produce a lot of dust which can turn into mud in your coffee depending on how you brew it. Even in a drip coffee maker coffee bean dust can over extract very easily resulting in bitter flavors entering your cup.

Every year manufacturers are coming out with new versions of really great coffee grinders. Below I’ve listed the various types of grinders on their own pages. From there you can shop for exactly what you are looking for.

When shopping always keep in mind the following:

  • Look for a grinder that has ceramic burrs. These grind your beans into consistent sizes instead of shredding them with blades into variable sizes.
  • Find a grinder that is easy for you to use.
  • Look for an easy to clean grinder for your own sanity.
  • Lastly, buy the best grinder you can afford. They get much better as the price goes up.

Also wort mentioning – If you don’t plan on using high end beans then a high end burr grinder is not worth it. A grinder can only make up so much for a low quality ingredient. Similarly if you see yourself buying lots of really high end beans then spending your money on a high end grinders is even more important.

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