Top Rated Space Heaters 2013

Fall is coming and with the changing seasons comes the inevitable storage of portable air conditioners and the dusting off of home and office space heaters. Whether you’ve got a chill in your basement, need something to keep your garage tools from freezing, or can’t stand the cold set thermostat in your office there are a lot of great space heaters for sale this year.

For 2013 there are a number of new models that have been released. For the most part styling is always changing and energy efficiency is always improving. The best rated space heaters from last year may not necessarily be the best this year.

If you’re looking for the best rated space heaters of 2013 be sure to check the links below. They lead to pages published on this site dedicated to very specific types of space heaters. Whether you’re looking for a good review or a list of heaters that meet your needs Gift Worm is here to help you give the gift of warmth to your family this cold season.