The Best Electric Space Heaters For The Home

if you are looking to pick up a great electric space heater for the home then you can’t go wrong with the heaters featured here on this page.

Electric home single room space heaters are best because you can set them based on the rooms you are actually using. Instead of heating an entire home you can easily heat a single room and save on energy costs, especially in home that aren’t well sealed from the outside.

Electric space heaters come in many different styles but I find the radiant heat heaters to be best for regular use. they take less energy in the long run and they keep the entire room at a stable temperature more efficiently. My favorite and the best all around home space heater in my opinion is the NewAir electric radiant space heater featured below.

The Best Space Heaters For Basements

NewAirAH-450 Electric Oil Filled Radiator Space Heater
by NewAir

This electric space heater is perfect for homes that have cold rooms. This is a very affordable radiator heater that is designed for single rooms. You can put this space heater in a single room and keep it at a comfortable temperature without sacrificing energy efficiency, and at the price you can easuly pick up one for each room in the house that needs supplemental heat.

As opposed to buying a big whole home heating system using one or two of throughout your home can really keep costs down while keeping the temperature up.

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If you want to review a few other excellent options check out the models featured below.