The Best Space Heater For A Basement

If you are looking for the best space heater possible for you basement then you’re sure to find something great below. Basements tend to be very cold – especially in older homes – because all the hot air in the home rises. It can be difficult to heat the basement without roasting the rest of the home. The best option is to simply heat it with it’s own independent space heater.

There are plenty of heater types out there but for basements that don’t get used much the best option is a ceramic heater fan. These direct heat exactly where you need it and heat the immediate area up quickly. For unfinished basements that may not be used much these heater fans are also good options.

The Best Space Heaters For Basements

1500 Watt Quartz + PTC Infrared Portable Space Heater
by Dr Infrared Heater

This Quartz space heater is a beast. It’s strong enough to heat up a big room very quickly so even if you don’t use your basement very often this heater will get it up to temperature in no time. It produces up to 60% more heat than competitors and can maintain a temperature between 65 and 86 degrees.

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Here are a few more good heaters for the basement.