Newborn Babies Don’t Need A Lot Of Stuff

Newborn Babies Don’t Need A Lot Of Stuff

I want to start off this blog with one major announcement. After having lived with a newborn and made it successfully through that child’s first year I now know beyond a shadow of a doubt that newborn babies don’t need very many things.

Not only that but you as a parent don’t need many things for your child either.

Baby With Wallet

If you were to head through your local Babies R Us with that baby registry scanner it can seem like you need everything and it’s so easy to scan everything but seriously you don’t need much at all.

For the first few month you will be holding your child’s head in place so toys are out of the question. He can’t even see anything very well for a while and he certainly can’t do very much or care whether he has a top of the line crib set.

Some parents find convenience products are helpful such as bottle warmers, microwave cleaning bags, wipe warmers, fill in the blank but as I see it so many of these items are simply marketing gimmicks. Room temperature wipes are not cold. It’s quicker to drop a bottle in near boiling water to warm it then to drop it in a bottle warmer. Diaper genies do not protect against diaper odor in the first six months of your child’s life – there’s no odor to deal with.

Yes, you do need some things but please resist the temptation to get all the gadgets and gizmos. Only a few of them are really helpful. The others are annoying products that kind of help but mostly add to the clutter in your life.

As a new parent you’ll find that the most basic of items are must haves and everything else just adds to the cost of being a parent. Stick around, subscribe to my blog, and I’ll show you what you simply don’t need and home to save money on the stuff that truly is helpful.