What Is The Best Coffee Travel Mug: 2014 Edition

Looking for the best travel mug of 2014. There are some perennial winners year after year and many of the best designed are only updated every few years. For that reason many of the travel mugs on this list were some of the top mugs of 2013 and even 2012.

This year however there are a few new additions to the list especially in the specialty market.

I firmly believe that not any one mug will be perfect for everyone so I’ve broken down this list into pages based on type of mug, feature and/or need. See below for links to the various types of insulated coffee mugs for sale today.

The Best Coffee Travel Mugs In The World

Best Travel Mug For Keeping Coffee Hot – Can Your travel mug keep yoru coffee hot for the entire day? Can it keep it warm for a full 24 hours? This one can.

Best Travel Mug For Hot Drinks – A basic insulated mug for hot drinks should keep your drinks hot for a few hours and not cost a fortune. Here are some great options.

The Best Travel Tea Infuser Mug – A good team infuser travel mug will not only keep your tea hot but will make the steeping process simple and clean. make sure to have a dedicated tea mug to ensure the best taste every time.

The Best Travel Mug That’s Dishwasher Safe – Most top of the line mugs are not dishwasher safe although there are a some where you can place the lid in the dishwasher so long as you wash the cup. Here are a few of those and a few that are fully dishwasher safe.

The Best Travel Coffee Press – These travel mugs and tumblers are the best options for people who need to take a french press on the road. They act like travel mugs and french press pots in one. There’s some pretty slick mugs featured here.

The Best Ceramic Travel Mug w/ Silicone Lid – These mugs are ceramic and have removable silicone lids and sleeves in some cases. They make it easy to own an affordable mug that performs well but is also dishwasher and microwave safe in most cases.

The Best Large Travel Mugs – Looking for a great travel coffee mug that’s bigger than most? The mugs on this page are sized between 24 and 70 ounces in size. Happy browsing.

The Best Glass Travel Mugs – A glass travel mug looks and feels a little nicer than most plastic mugs but they are just as convenient and usually just as inexpensive. Here are some of the higher end glass mugs; they are among the best you can buy.

The Best Thermos For Coffee – Not interested in drinking from a travel mug but still want to take your coffee on the road. A traditional thermos is your answer. These are the bets Themroses for coffee by a landslide. They keep your coffee hot, don’t leak, are easy to clean, and they are very durable. Check ‘em out.

The Best Travel Mugs For Cold Drinks – Not a coffee drinker? That’s OK. Here are soem of the best travel mugs for cold beverages. Don’t worry though, they’ll keep your drinks hot if you need them too.

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